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8 Signs Your Property May be Infested

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Signs you may have a pest problem!

Taking care of a commercial property can be stressful enough without having to worry about a pest infestation. Knowing whether you have a pest problem may be the last thing on your mind or maybe you don't know where to look. Regardless, you want to avoid tenant complaints and spot the signs of pests earlier to help avoid the development of infestations. Pests can reproduce quickly, hide easily, and spread fast without detection. Here are some indicators that pest could be lurking in your properties..

“Rx Pest Golden Rule: typically if you see one pest then there's more.”

Active Pest- Although this is the most obvious it is very important not to forget. Make sure to research and be able to identify pests in order to understand what infestation you may have. Remember the “Rx Pest Golden Rule”, typically if you see one pest then there's more. Dead bugs and rodents are also a sign of infestation. If you are unable to identify which pest you think are present our Rx pest team will help you.

Small brown spots or blood specks- Spots on bed or furniture can be a signal that there are bedbugs present. Another sign of bedbugs is discarded skin, and bite complaints from tenants. If your tenant reports bite symptoms call us for an inspection immediately to stop them from spreading throughout your property.

Odd Smells & Sounds- Our professionals at Rx Pest Control know that having uncommon smells and sounds in your home is a sign of pest even if you are not able to spot them. We suggest that you try to identify unusual orders, especially those with a sharp or musty smell. If you have a resident who has reported hearing unusual scratching or rustling noises behind there walls and ceilings, this is not a supernatural experience! These can be obvious signs that there be may a family of mice or cockroaches taking new residences in a unit.

Gnawing marks or damage to furniture- Small holes in the walls around the property is a huge giveaway that there may be a possible infestation. Gnawing marks or damage to furniture, structures, walls, or equipment indicated that there is active wildlife or insects. Rodents love to gnaw on things so be on the lookout of chewed-up electrical wires or other things rodents may have destroyed.

Piles of wood shavings- Wood shavings can be a sign of carpenters ants. You will see these signs along cracks, under the flooring, near the baseboard, pipes or plumbing fixtures. Hollow wood can also indicate possible termite or carpenter ant activity. It is important to be aware of these signs because if you are dealing with termites they will cause serious structural damage to your property.

Greasy smudge marks- Rats and mice have a set route and tend to travel the same paths every day. If you look closely at the walls and floorboards in your property, you will be able to see evidence and tracks along the way. Rodents travel along walls and can leave dark grease marks. Fecal droppings urine trails and footprints are also signs of a possible rodent infestation.

Exterior roof damage- If your property exterior roof damage this can be due to birds and wildlife. If you see small piles of debris those may have been left behind by wildlife.

Complaints- If a tenant makes a complaint about pest problems, then their neighbors may also be experiencing the same problems. Make sure to contact all surrounding units to see if they have experienced potential problems that may have an effect on your property. Preventative treatments and exclusion work are needed in order to stop your pest problems indefinitely. It is better to be safe than sorry. Failing to seal holes and cracks in an infested home can cost you time and money that could otherwise be avoided.

The True Medicine for Pest

Rx Pest control is a Detroit Pest Control company with experience in servicing commercial properties and apartment complexes. It is our goal to help educate property managers and tenants to recognize pest activity and how to avoid factors that may contribute to an environment for pest infestations. You don’t have to wait until your tenants report pest to learn that your building may be infested. Rx Pest Control is a professional pest control company that is dedicated to providing you solutions to avoid pest problems before they happen! If you think you may be experiencing an infestation please do not hesitate to call us at (313) 908-2667or book an appointment online.

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